Precise motion control products 
These linear actuators are ideal for applications requiring a combination of precise positioning, rapid motion and long life. Typical applications include X-Y tables, medical equipment, semiconductor handling, telecommunications equipment, valve control, and numerous other uses.

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Hybrid stepper motor lead screw linear actuators

DINGS' Stepping motor and Lead Screw Linear Actuators come in seven different frame size from 14mm [NEMA6] to 86mm [NEMA34]. There are four form factors as External, Non-Captive, Kaptive and Electric Cylinder, Captive. DINGS' provides over 20 different travels/step of lead screws ranging from 0.00006 inch [.001524mm] to .005 inch [.127mm]. Microstepping can be used for finer resolution and various step motor angle options are available.


Hybrid stepper motor ball screw linear actuators

DINGS' Stepping motor ball screw linear actuator is avaiable for External from NEMA8 to NEMA23 sizes with various step resolutions from 0.005mm/step to 0.1mm/step. C7 ball screw is standard and C5 or C3 grade is optional. External type of ball screw linear actuator is standard and we also offer guide supported high precision linear actuator, DLG Series for 28 & 42mm stepper


PM stepper linear actuators

DINGS' stepping motor Permanent Magnetic PM stepper linear actuators are available as 20/25/36mm sizes via External, Non-Captive and Kaptive especially for economic version of applications.



Hybrid rotary stepper motor

DINGS' stepping motor provides 8 different sizes of hybrid stepper motors from 14mm to 86mm. Each size has multiple stack lengths. Single or dual shaft is standard but also customized shaft options are also available. In addition, various ratio of planetary gearboxes, encoders and power-off brakes are optional.


Hollow shaft hybrid stepper

DINGS' Stepping motor provides standard and also customized hollow shaft motors from 20mm to 86mm sizes.


Brushless DC motor

DINGS' Stepping motor provides 4 different sizes of Brushless DC motors from NEMA17 to NEMA34. Hall sensor standard and also incremental encoder also can be optional for low voltage DC Servo market. From 30W to Max. 440W capacity of BLDCs are available.


Stepper motor driver& Motion controller

DINGS' Stepping motor offers various drivers & controllers with our linear actuators and motors as one package. From standard mircostepping drivers, closed loop stepper electronics, open/closed loop dynamic drivers and up to BLDC/VCM/Stepper Multi-Purpose of EtherCAT & CANOpen drivers & controllers, we enable customer to easily choose appropriate solutions.



DLM Series

Based on DINGS' platform products, high precision of lead screw linear actuator and self-developed simple linear module, DLM series is compact and reliable structure of linear solution.

DLM Series is good precision, high diversity of optional stroke and lead based customization linear module which can provide customers with integrated customization solutions.




Based on our own design and development of through motor foundation, the stroke of 6mm and 12mm Gripper can be selected.

The structure is compact and simple, which can replace the pneumatic clamping claw, reduce the use noise, and effectively improve the accuracy.


High resolution of encoder based closed loop torque control is optional.




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