INVT Solar Inverter

INVT Solar Inverter

Solar Power Generation
Based on the demand of distributed PV grid-tied power generation system and understanding of future development, INVT soalr technology relies
on 15 years core inverter and control technology research and application, and follows stable, efficient and maintenance-free product design
concept to provide high-quality string solar grid-tied

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String Inverter
iMars series string inverters have formed unique product technology advantages in the product stability, power efficient conversion, inverter current low harmonic wave, secure network access and other aspects. And it can be widely used in soalr poverty alleviation projects and distributed power generation system, providing customers with stable, efficient and safe clean energy.

Battery Storage Inverter

iMars energy storage inverter is the solar energy storage products developed on the efficient, reliable and maintenance-free concept. It has provided flexible, diverse, safe and reliable system solutions for family and industrial uninterrupted power supply. BD series off-grid and on-grid integrated inverter can automatically judge the off-grid /on-grid mode and access to smart grid, realizing peak load shaving, generating


On grid 1.5KW System
On grid 3KW System
On grid 5KW System
On grid 5KW System
On grid 10KW System
On grid 20KW System

On grid 30KW System
On grid 50KW System



INVT (Grid-Tied Solar Inverter)

  • CT 200A/(5A)
    450.00 THB
  • Smart Meter (New) 3Phase /3P
    4,500.00 THB
  • Smart Meter (New) 1Phase /2P
    2,500.00 THB
  • INVT (Grid-Tied Solar Inverter) BG50KTR (50kW สำหรับพลังงานโซล่าเซลล์)
    145,000.00 THB


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