Nabtesco Precision Reduction Gear RV

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Precision Reduction Gear RV


 1. มี FEATURE ดีๆ มากมาย

  • High-accuracy positioning
  • High torsional stiffness
  • High shock load capability
  • High output torque
  • Extreamely Flat and Compact body
  • Low vibration
  • Wide range of speed ratio
  • Very low backlash by precision machining (Less than 1arc.min)
  • Easy installation
  • Increases reliability

2. รองรับการใช้งานที่หลากหลาย


3. เป็นที่ยอมรับ

Nabtesco’s precision reduction gears are used by a range of domestic and

overseas robot manufacturers in the joints of their industrial robots, 

giving us a large share of the market.

Nabtesco's Precision equipment consists of a Patented 2-stage Cycloidal design that provides far superior 

performance when compared to traditional planetary reducers and other geared positioning devices. 

Our Precision Gear Boxes and Servo-Actuators not only provide large torque, high ratios and near zero backlash 

but also incorporate a set of large,internal angular support bearings that provide large moment capacities and 

negate the need for external support devices - further reducing costs and simplifying end user designs.


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