FASTECH Ezi Stepping Motror

  Ezi-Servo Logo
· Closed Loop Stepping System ( High resolution encoder feedbak, Max 32,000/revolution )
· Various drives and motors line up including pulse train, controller integrated, All-in-one and network supporting type (20~86mm)
        ST MINI
        Plus-R Plus-R MINI
        BT ALL
        EtherCAT EtherCAT 4X
        Plus-E CC-Link
  S-Servo Logo    · Step motor control system without step-out ( Perfect positioning and completion )
· Reduce the motor temperature and Energy saving by current control according to the load
        ST MINI
        2X 3X
  Ezi-Servo Logo · Micro Stepping System ( High precision micro step function , Max 1/250 steps )
· Vibration suppression and high speed operation
(Software Damping) / Sensorless detection of step-out by high performance DSP
        ST MINI
        Plus-R Plus-R MINI
        BT ALL
  Ezi-Motionlink Logo · Network (RS-485 / Ethernet) based 1-axis controller which is directly connect to various servo drives
· Simple control, wiring saving and no motion board required (cost saving)
        Plus-R Plus-E
  Ezi-Motiongate Logo · Gateway solution supporting various field networks such as CC-Link, Profibus, and DeviceNet
· Simple control, wiring saving and no motion board required (cost saving)
         CC-Link DeviceNet 
   Ezi-Robo Logo · Unit solution combined with Closed Loop Stepping System and various mechanism· Various product lineup including hollow shaft rotary index (gear / belt driven) and stage combined product
        HG   SUPER HG
        HB PMS
        MAS MAS (MENTOR)
  Ezi-linearstep Logo · High Precision Hybrid Stepping Linear Actuator
· Customizing products to meet various customer requirements (Captive, Non-captive, External type)
         NC EX 
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