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Sungil Machinery
Sungil Coupling SJC Series
Sungil Coupling SHR Series
Sungil Coupling SDWA SD Series
Sungil SJC Series (ดูสินค้า) SHR Series (ดูสินค้า) SDWA SD Serie (ดูสินค้า)

Jaw Coupling
- Highest torque transmissibility
- Excellent durability
- Various size and dimension
- Absorbs parallel and angular
misalignment and vibration
through sleeve
- High torsional stiffness by pre-load

*Material : Body-High strength
aluminum alloy
Sleeve-Hytrel GR (Sh90A),

High Performanc Rubber Coupling
- Excellent responsibility in
high gain system
- Excellent vibration absorbability
- High torsional stiffness and
permissible torque
- Optimization for rapid acceleration
and deceleration
*Material : Body-High strength
aluminum alloy Middle body-HNBR

Disk Coupling
- Zero backlash
- Accurate and fast response
- Single disk and double
disk type
- All kinds mis-alignments
*Material : Body-High strength
aluminum alloy or Stainless

Plate spring - Stainless

Product information
SJC Series
Product information
SHR Series

Product information
SD Series
Dimension & Specification  Dimension & Specification Dimension & Specification
SJC    Cylindrical Shape SD Series
SJC (Extra Large)   Flange Shape SD Series
SJCM (Compact)   Taper clamping Series

Download Micro Coupling Catalogue
Download Micro Coupling
3D CAD file

SCJ Series SDW Series SFC Series
SHD Series SOH Series SRB Series
SRG Series

  Other Brand  
RCLA Series AWD-AWS Series AS-AW Series
RCLA Series (ดูสินค้า) AWD-AWS Series (ดูสินค้า) AS-AW Series (ดูสินค้า)
Product information
RCLA Series
Product information
AWD-AWS Series
Product information
AS-AW Series


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Coupling AWD-AWS Series
Coupling RCLA Series
Sungil Coupling Dimension & Specification SHR Series
Sungil Coupling Product information SHR Series
Sungil Coupling Dimension & Specification SJCM (Compact)
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